Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
Pool Closed SK Community Pool Community-Other (community)
12:00 am
5:00 am
5:30 am
AM Lap Swim SK Community Pool Community-Other (community)
6:00 am
8:00 am
8:30 am  
8:45 am
OH HiCap Groups Orchard Heights Elementary Orchard Heights Elementary
9:00 am
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
Musical Rehearsal SKHS Stage 1 (Auditorium ) SKHS Play Cast
2:30 pm
SK Wrestling Practice SKHS Wrestling Room SKHS Wrestling
2:45 pm
SK Girls Basketball Practice SKHS Auxiliary Gym
SKHS Main Gym
SKHS Girls Basketball
Sk Boys Swim Practice SK Community Pool SKHS Boys Swim
2:50 pm
JS Singing in the Rain Rehearsal JS Drama Room/Stage John Sedgwick School Events
3:00 pm
CH Dance Team CH Commons CH Dance Team
CH Office Staff
SK Boys Basketball Practice SKHS Main Gym
SKHS Auxiliary Gym
SKHS Boys Basketball
3:15 pm
OH Beginning Strings OH Room 59 Orchard Heights School Events
3:20 pm
OH Boys Basketball Practice OH Gym Orchard Heights School Events
OH Girls Basketball Practice OH Gym Orchard Heights School Events
3:30 pm
SG Play Practice SG Multipurpose/Cafeteria Sidney Glen School Events
SK Cheer Practice SKHS Commons Area SKHS Cheer
4:00 pm
SK Girls Lacrosse Practice SKHS Kitsap Bank Stadium SKHS Girls Lacrosse
4:30 pm  
5:00 pm  
5:15 pm
SKYAA Community Basketball MAN Gym SKYAA (community)
Manchester Elementary
5:30 pm
SK Volleyball Practice SG Gym SKHS Volleyball
SKYAA Community Basketball SC Gym SKYAA (community)
South Colby Elementary
6:00 pm
NW WA Wrestling Club (Community) SKHS Wrestling Room Northwest Washington Wrestling Club (community)
South Kitsap High School
SK Community Soccer Club SKHS Kitsap Bank Stadium SK Soccer Club (community)
SK Pee Wee Basketball EPO Gym SK Pee Wee Association
East Port Orchard Elementary
SK Pee Wee Basketball (Community) HC Gym
MR Gym
SS Gym
SK PeeWee Basketball (community)
SK Soccer Club ( community) SKHS Kitsap Bank Stadium SK Soccer Club (community)
SK Wrestling Club (Community) CH Wrestling Room SK Youth Wrestling (community)
SKYAA Community Basketball MR Gym SKYAA (community)
Mullenix Ridge Elementary
SKYAA Community Basketball OH Gym Orchard Heights Elementary
SKYAA (community)
SKYAA Community Basketball OL Gym SKYAA (community)
Olalla Elementary
SKYAA Community Basketball BG Gym Burley Glenwood Elementary
SKYAA (community)
6:15 pm
SK Pee Wee Basketball SS Gym Sunnyslope Staff
SK PeeWee Basketball (community)
6:30 pm
PM Lap Lanes SK Community Pool Community-Other (community)
SK Pee Wee Basketball Marcus Whitman Middle School SK PeeWee Basketball (community)
SK Pee Wee Basketball JS Gym SK PeeWee Basketball (community)
School Feeder-JS
SK Wrestling Club ( Community ) CH Gym Cedar Heights Middle School
SK Youth Wrestling (community)
SKYAA Community Basketball MW Gym Marcus Whitman Middle School
SKYAA (community)
7:00 pm
Deep Water Aerobics SK Community Pool Community-Other (community)
Lady Lakers Basketball (community) SKHS Main Gym Lady Lakers Select Basketball Team
SK Choir Booster Meeting SKHS 241 SKHS CHOIR Boosters
Shallow Water Aerobics SK Community Pool Community-Other (community)
7:15 pm
Kitsap Volleyball Club (community) SKHS Auxiliary Gym Kitsap Volleyball Club (Community)
7:30 pm
11:30 pm